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■November 2, 2006, Asahi Shimbun (evening edition)
Japan 2006 Japan 2006
We believe that peace cannot be created through force, but only through patient dialogue. Given the tense international situation today following North Korea's nuclear testing, we need to emphasise this even more than ever.

Knowing the tragedy of war and the fear of nuclear weapons through its World War II experiences, Japan has learnt that peace could not be formed through force. On November 3 60 years ago, the Japanese Constitution was proclaimed, including Article 9 which pledges not to wage war or maintain military forces. This peace constitution was born from and supported by the wish of the people to never repeat the experience of such a tragic war, and the determination to show to Asia that such colonial rule and wars of invasion will never be repeated. War and weapons cannot bring about peace, only further war. Based on the strong wishes of survivors of war and the atomic bomb, this peace constitution has been maintained for the past 60 years.

This public notice was bound to arouse different thoughts and feelings in those who saw it. We hope that it was a chance for people to question themselves and come up with their own conclusions.

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